Analytics big data

The exponential growth of information, both structured and unstructured in nature, has increased the complexity of handling data manifold and can be daunting for even large enterprises. Celstream’s Big Data & Analytics expertise can help you unlock the business potential by extracting actionable insights from heaps of data sets. Our analytics services will significantly increase your ability to:

  • make faster and well informed decisions
  • empower people with business insights instantaneously
  • roll-out preventive actions and address customer issues proactively
  • stay ahead of competition and deliver value-add to your customers based on closed loop usage information

Celstream’s Big data & Analytics expertise can be leveraged in:

  • Re-creating products and solutions using Big data technology
    • Development based on Hadoop®, Elasticsearch® and Cassandra™ platforms
    • Porting and re-architecture of traditional software
    • Deployment services – installation, configuration and management
    • Building enterprise connectors
  • Enhanced business intelligence workflows
  • Design and implementation of dashboards, reporting platform
  • Development of trends and alerts platform
  • Implementation of performance management solutions
  • Conversion and migration of large data
  • Gain insights to make faster and informed decisions
  • Tailor data and insights specific to the role of the user
  • Enhance user experience through meaningful representation of relevant data
  • Improve decision making, productivity, and efficiency through instant knowledge of causes/effects
  • Use relevant, timely and accurate information to monitor business environment, product usage, competitive benchmarking

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