The rapid proliferation of mobile devices and its adoption by the business users, in particular, is a significant inflection point for product companies and enterprises.

Availability of a mobile version or extension of the product or solution is no more a competitive advantage; it is demanded as a core functionality by customers.

Celstream has deep understanding of developing product extensions and applications that enable new business models and enterprise functionality for mobile devices. We leverage our industry and technology expertise to develop applications that cater to varied markets – be it B2B, B2C or B2E.

Celstream’s engineering services and solutions are focused on helping product companies to reach the rapidly growing mobile -user community and to re-invent the processes based on mobile technology and mobility to address newer markets. Our broad portfolio of services, spanning embedded and host mobile applications, has enabled several global enterprises in developing cutting-edge products and solutions for the mobility market. Our vast experience with HTML5, Android™, Apple® iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry® RIM® enables us to provide customized end-to-end solutions to our customers, developing feature rich, yet light-weight applications, enabling new business models and extending our customers’ products and services’ present functionalities to smartphones and tablets.

Celstream’s holistic approach to enterprise mobile application development includes the following key focus areas and competencies:

Cross-platform Mobility Development

Our in-depth knowledge of HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and emLinux® enables us to provide our customers with cross-platform functionality for their applications, broadening the market reach. Celstream’s rich experience in developing enterprise-grade applications can be leveraged to develop mobile apps that are scalable, manageable and administrable in a manner similar to other enterprise software.


Rich, engaging and customer-centric GUIs play a critical role in high adoption rates for enterprise mobile apps. Celstream‘s strong expertise in developing enterprise applications combined with our deep knowledge of mobile-specific features, such as gesture-based and multi-touch GUI, can be leveraged to deliver highly intuitive mobile apps with immersive user experience.


Celstream understands that business secrecy and information integrity are fundamental to any enterprise. It is with this understanding that Celstream deploys various forms of security when developing mobile apps, to administer the application and its use, control access, regularly back-up data, log vital events, etc. We possess deep experience in developing secure mobile apps based on IEEE standard 802.1x for Port-based Network Access Control. This allows the developed apps have network access only through authorized devices. Celstream has implemented Enhanced Security features such as Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), upon which the various modules of the application are built, ensuring that the modules remain secure, prevent intrusion attempts and unauthorized access to the application, the servers, the corporate network and enterprise data.

App Testing and Validation

The constantly evolving mobile OS platforms and device capabilities presents a significant challenge to companies that would like to launch their mobile apps or product extensions. Several of our customers have taken advantage of our structured and specialized testing skills to validate their products for functional completeness, performance, robustness, usability and multi-platform consistency.

To develop enterprise applications or industry-specific applications for the Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone and/or Blackberry platforms, contact us.

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