Product Engineering Services

Staying competitive in your markets increasingly requires predictable release cycles, faster time-to-market, superior quality, lower costs and ultimately higher ROI on your product development efforts.

Economic uncertainty, continued globalization of business, intense competitive pressures, complex technological advancements, tighter budgets and cost reduction pressures are some of the key drivers that are catalyzing the movement of companies towards seeking outsourced R&D services to augment their product development initiatives.

The need is for a co-development partner who is able to understand your product needs, has the technological and engineering edge, who strongly respects your Intellectual Property Rights and quite importantly is able to focus on your operational requirements and adapt to your organizational culture and values. We, at Celstream, have over a decade of experience in successfully operating product co-development relationships with many global technology companies and are enabling them to meet their product development objectives.


Our extensive experience in product engineering services has helped us develop the appropriate strategic and operational perspective, strong competencies and world-class infrastructural facilities. Further, we have been able to distill our experiences into proven practices and methodologies that form a strong and redundant basis for quality product development efforts.

We are in the business of creating products for our customers, from concept to end-of-life, and not executing software projects. Our core competency stretches from product ideation to product sustenance activities. We are able to execute and meet your product development goals through our offshore or multi-site capability models by leveraging our India-based R&D centre. Our services in the domain encompass:


Our engineering teams act as an extension of our customers' workforce - responsible for delivering results predictably, on time and every time. We extend the capabilities of your engineering teams through:

  • Extensive command over technology
  • Comprehensive understanding of your business issues
  • Global project management capabilities
  • Flexible resource capacities
  • Structured information exchange and collaboration

Our success is based on a foundation of strong relationships with our customers. It is a strategic partnership, where our customers consider Celstream as an integral part of their organization. We not only address the myriad needs of your engineering teams, but also strive to obtain a broader perspective of your business. This enables us to gain deep understanding of the co-development challenges and issues, and in the long run provide a platform for the success of your products.

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