Connected Devices

Wide adoption of IoT solutions is evident across industries - automotive, office equipment, energy & utilities, logistics & transportation, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. The global IoT market is expected to grow to US$7.1 trillion by 2020 (Source: IDC).

Several key factors are contributing to the rapid adoption of the IoT solutions, including:

  • Increased customer demand for accountable machine data and business insights based on usage data
  • Reduction in service costs through remote monitoring and management
  • Seamless business workflows that integrate with devices to deliver superior customer experience and significant operational efficiency
  • Better compliance with the regulatory needs
  • Leverage the model to transform from product-centric to services-led business with additional revenue streams and higher profitability

The complexity of bridging diverse technologies and initial cost of development is a significant roadblock for companies with a vision of creating IoT solutions. Celstream, with its decade long experience of developing complex products and solutions for varied industries and domains, can be your perfect partner to accelerate your IoT solution development.

Celstream’s IoT expertise can be leveraged to:

  • Implement an IoT Platform and its key components, including
    • Connectivity – device-to-device, device-to-cloud, device-to-mobile
    • Event Processing
    • Business Process Integration
    • Analytics & Big Data
    • Provisioning and Services Management
    • Social media integration
  • Implement custom IoT applications and workflows such as
    • Asset identification and tracking
    • Remote Device Monitoring and Management
    • Predictive business analysis
    • Automated/Assisted Service
  • Validation of IoT platforms and solutions
    • Device functionality
    • Device-to-cloud services
    • Inter-operability testing capabilities
    • End-to-end solutions
  • Significant cost savings, process and productivity improvements realized through automation
  • Competitive advantage through real-time understanding of usage, enabling faster decision making
  • Value creation at the edge and at the core – ability to generate newer revenues
  • Eventually, increased innovation, new revenue sources and better customer relationships

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